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What could be more exotic than a lunar web address? If you are of a whimsical disposition, you will appreciate the opportunity to use this magical and mysterious domain, for your email or web site, absolutely free and with unlimited free web space! If you are enchanted by the Moon, you will have trouble finding a more celestial address.

The belief that the Moon can influence the pattern of earthly life is perpetuated in Astrology, and there are many myths and legends associated with earth's only natural satellite, notably the Moon has tended to be linked with female deities of classical mythology, Artemis in Greek, and Diana in Roman mythology, whilst the Sun tends to be associated with male figures in mythology. One of the greatest and most unlikely rumours about the Moon is that it is made of cheese.

The words 'lunacy," "lunatic," and "loony" are derived from Luna, the Latin for 'Moon' due to the folk belief in the Moon as a cause of erratic behaviour or insanity. Werewolves are supposed to draw their power from the Moon, a full Moon providing the trigger for their bestial transformation.

The moon has provided inspiration for art, literature, poetry and song throughout history, from Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, blue moon to harvest moon. As an aside, you might really like this address if you are a big fan of Keith Moon, a drummer of widely celebrated lunacy.

The Moon orbits the the Earth roughly once every 27.3 days, and it is the gravity that the moon exerts upon our planet that pulls the tides. Galileo was among the first to observe the moon with the invention of the telescope. Exploration of the moon was accelerated by the Cold War, as the United States and the Soviet Union were competing to make advances in space. Both nations made scientifically significant steps, culminating in the 1969 moon landing, which saw Neil Armstrong and the crew of the American Apollo 11 craft walk on the surface of the moon.

Please Note: No connection with any organisation other than Freeola & GetDotted is implied.